Please meet: The Reverse Wine Snob

I am very happy to present you today a very famous blogger talking about wine.

He lives in the US and has a special focus. Let’s find out more about Jon Thorsen, The Reverse Wine Snob!

I am a wine consumer helping other wine consumers find great bottles without breaking the bank. Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good! I founder, publisher and author of the site, The Reverse Wine Snob.
• When did you decide to open your blog and why?
I started the site in February 2011, completely on a whim. My wife and I had recently decided to drink wine more often and I went on a search to find good, inexpensive bottles. Having a preconceived notion that wine must be expensive to be good, I was surprised at how much good wine I found for under $20. I figured there were probably other people out there like me who didn’t drink wine as often as they would like because they thought they had to spend too much money to get something nice.
• Is your blog a hobby or a real job?
It’s just a hobby. I have a day job as a Marketing Director with a multi-channel retailer plus a wife and three young kids so I am busy!
• What is the main peculiarity of your blog? Why should people read it?
The tagline of the site should give you a good idea: “Thumbing my nose at bottles over $20”. I try to flip wine snobbery on its head. Instead of looking down on cheap wine, we look down on the expensive stuff because we know you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great wine. As such, 5-6 times per week I highlight a favorite wine. Often I include a little information about the region or other small bits of educational info so that people can learn as they read.
• A positive experience you had thanks to your blog
Getting to travel all over the world to visit vineyards and wineries. Last fall it was Slovenia and later this month I will be in the Rhone Valley. There’s nothing like visiting the vineyard  and meeting the winemakers to get a true appreciation for a wine.
• Projects for the future
My book “Thumbing My Nose At Bottles Over $20: The Reverse Wine Snob’s Guide To Finding Inexpensive, Quality Wine” will be published by Skyhorse Publishing in Spring 2015!

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