Please meet: Mummy Mishaps

She’s a food blogger, she has 2 boys and she loves cakes & adventures 🙂

Please meet today… Jenny, the Mummy Mishaps!

My name is Jenny and I am a stay at home Mummy to my two boys: Burton who is 4 and Jenson who just turned 3. We live in Devon and enjoy adventures outdoors in the fresh air either by the sea, at the park or in the woods. I blog at Mummy Mishaps and share our mishaps – all good and bad – as I embark on my journey as a mum. Apart from my boys, my other big love is cake and I enjoy baking and sharing my cake recipes on my blog.

  • When did you decide to open your blog and why?

I started my blog and blogging 4 years ago in April 2010. I did it primarily to keep my mind active while I was a first time stay at home Mum to my then 9 month old baby, and to keep a record of his life and document it with photos of him growing up.

  • Is your blog a hobby or a real job

It is a hobby really but I am hoping that with time it could become a job as such as I need to find work once my youngest starts school next year, and to work from home and earn money from my blog would be a perfect solution.

  • What is the main peculiarity of your blog? Why should people read it?

I feel that the main things people would think of when they see Mummy Mishaps is cakes, my boys, outdoor fun and recipes. People should read it to see what life is like being a SAHM – the good and the bad moments it is all there as I do not hold back and sugar coat it!! I also offer great party food ideas, ideas for outdoor adventures and family cooking ideas. Plus of course I do share some delicious cakes and bakes, a lot of which I feel are very unique and creative.

  • A positive experience you had thanks to your blog

I feel I have had some amazing opportunities open up to me since I started blogging – I have been a Butlins Ambassador for 2 years in a row which has enabled me to take my family away on a holiday. More recently, I have been short listed for a blogging award and it feels so humbling to think that people have voted for my blog and like it enough to want to vote for me!! Also, I have met and made some good friends though blogging of other like minded Mums and it is their continued support, friendship and commenting on my blog posts, that makes me feel like I am part of a very special blogging community.

  • Projects for the future

Just to keep doing what I am doing, and enjoy it.

Oh and to improve my baking so I can keep blogging (and eating!) cakes!!

Thank you x x

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