Please meet: Les gourmands 2.0

I found a blog similar to The Kitchen Times, but located in France. Please meet today, Les gourmands 2.0 🙂

Hello! My name is Pierre-Gaël, I’m French, 27 years old and the creator of the blog « Les gourmands 2.0 ». I’ve lived most of my childhood in China and in Colombia. I started my studies with a cooking school in the west of France, then I went to a business school in the east of France, now I’m living in Paris! I love everything about food, and especially to share a good meal with my friends. I’m  interested in local products and also about what happen about food on the Internet. I blog about all this things.

  • When did you decide to open your blog and why?

I started blogging in February 2012. At first we were two, but my partner left the project. It was more a blog to share all what we like, for our friends and family. But it seems that there are more than that reading it now !

  • Is your blog a hobby or a real job?

Well, it’s a real job because of the time and the energy that I spend on it, but it definitely doesn’t permit to live. I see my blog more than a big hobby that take me most of my private time. I have a real work during the week, I’m working for «Link Humans», our goal is to question, train and support professionals recruitment and employer branding to change their practices, give recruitment a more strategic role in the company and improve the candidate experience.

  • What is the main peculiarity of your blog? Why should people read it?

I’m not giving any recipes, so if it’s what you’re looking for: don’t come ! I’m blogging about Food with a big « F ». Just come and I’m sure you will find something for you !

  • A positive experience you had thanks to your blog

Brands often invite me to events, and I met my girl friend during one of this events 😉

  • Projects for the future

Keep learning things about food and maybe one day living of this blog ! Who knows ?


You can visit Pierre’s blog here:




Are you a blogger out of Italy? Would you like to have an interview? Write me 🙂

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