Please meet: Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

It’s a long time I feel the need to look out of our Italian box, to meet virtually new people and bloggers.

So I decided to write and ask some food bloggers from other countries to be interviewed for my blog.

I received the first positive answer from Elizabeth and I am very happy about this, because she lives in a fantastic place! Listen 🙂


My name is Elizabeth and I am (quite possibly) Britain’s most northerly food blogger. Although I am an expat Canadian I live in Shetland, a remote archipelago in the North Sea midway between the mainland of Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. I have a passion for local produce and I blog about recipes and crafts with a few adventure stories thrown in for good measure.

  • When did you decide to open your blog and why? 

I started blogging in November 2011. At first it was a private blog, an online storage for recipes I’d tried and photos to accompany, but it soon took on a life of its own.

  • Is your blog a hobby or a real job? 

My blog started as a hobby but in 2013 I registered as self-employed as I started making money from it. I am now a freelance writer and my blog is a real job.

  • What is the main peculiarity of your blog? Why should people read it?

Recipes, crafts and adventure are what my blog is all about. People should read it as it gives a unique perspective into rural island living (plus there’s some pretty good recipes!)

  • A positive experience you had thanks to your blog

Last weekend my family was photographed by a professional photographer who had flown all the way up here from Edinburgh as she’d found me through my blog. She has been commissioned to photograph a series of family portraits of commonwealth ex-pats who call Scotland home for an exhibition which will be held during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year. She chose us as one of the families. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my blog.

  • Projects for the future

Keep learning and sharing recipes and stories!


You can visit Elizabeth blog here: 




Are you a blogger out of Italy? Would you like to have an interview? Write me 🙂


  • Elizabeth ha detto:

    Many thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed! Best of luck with your adventures virtually meeting food bloggers from around the world! 🙂

  • Anna Maria Simonini ha detto:

    Thank YOU! You will always remain the first 🙂 Take care and talk to you soon hopefully.

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